About Us


Ecosible, based in Chennai, (a major international IT Hub in India) is about e-waste management and sustainability. Simply put, we are a one-stop shop for responsible recycling of electronic waste from homes and offices. From customized solutions in E-Waste Management to Reverse Logistics to evolving innovative, sustainable solutions across verticals; we cover it all. Importantly, we engage with the unorganized waste collectors – kabadiwallahs – across the country, since the real e-waste story, unfolds in the junkyards. Apart from being the Mr. Know-it-all of E-Waste Management, we are, above all, dreamers. For we dream of a country where environment and technology should co-exist peacefully, rather than one thriving at the cost of the other.


What’s in a name?

Our name says a lot about the culture at Ecosible, and why you should work with us.  Every day we strive to find the most ecologically responsible solution to our clients’ needs and thus, the name Ecosible. Beyond the fundamental drive to provide environmentally sound solutions for your e-waste management needs; our goal at the end of the day is zero waste.


Our Philosophy & Mission

The Ecosible Philosophy is simple – Apply the newest technology to provide the safest and the most eco-friendly means of recycling electronic waste. We believe that there are more sustainable and less harmful ways out there to treat e-waste, and it is our single point agenda to make those technologies and methods accessible and affordable.

No wonder you shall find us constantly researching and piloting new technologies to better deal with the growing e-waste stockpiles. Central to our work, is the idea that we can spearhead change. Further, with your help, we want to ingrain the importance of better e-waste management in the public and corporate eye- a movement that will go a long way in ensuring a cleaner, safer and better planet for us to thrive.


Ecosible’s Zero Waste Policy:

Ecosible’s Zero Waste Policy, advocates taking your e-waste till its final end. By not burying or burning we ensure no waste enters the soil, water or air and poses a threat to human, animal or plant life. A complete, responsible and sustainable end to the products you invested so much in bringing to the world.  We design products and processes to methodically conserve and recover all resources, while taking care to avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials.

Of the thousands of tons of equipment that enter Ecosible facility in Chennai, less than 1% actually enters the waste management stream. All of it is 100% “contaminant – free”.


Proud to Partner

You can find out a lot about people by the company they keep. The same can be said about organizations. Ecosible takes pride in collaborating with a number of organizations that propagate values which match our mission. These partnerships play an integral role in the impact our work has on communities throughout India. Here is a list of those who believe in our vision:

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